Welcome to Georgia

Georgia, the most ancient wine making country according to Guinness World Records, has more to offer than any other country its size in the World. So what is it like to visit?

Georgie is a land of contrasts at the crossroads of East and West. For thousands of years, traders and adventures have visited the country via the historic Silk Road, their legacy remaining today in the culture, sounds and monuments, including many UNESCO heritage sites. From the architecture of Tiblisi’s Old Town to the vineyards of Kakheti; from the ancient stone towers of Svaneti to the beaches and nightlife of Batumi, there is something to inspire and excite everyone. Ski the Caucasus Mountains, Europe’s highest mountain range in the morning and relax by the Black Sea coast in the afternoon. Sample the delicious Georgian cuisine and wine at a traditional supra (or feast) one day, detox in our natural saunas and spas the next.

Georgia has a unique, welcoming culture which explains its world-famous hospitality. With its own alphabet and language and many world-famous artists, Georgia will surprise and delight you at every turn. Whatever it is you want from a holiday, come to Georgia: for some the best moments of your Life.

Our History
One of the most striking things you see as you travel through Georgia is the number of churches. Georgia was one of the first countries in the world to officially adopt Christianity, in AD 337, but its history goes back much, much further.

Some of the world’s oldest hominid remains, dating back over 1.8 million years have been found near the Capital, Tbilisi. And the Ancient Greek story of Jason and the Argonauts search for the Golden Fleece is inspired by the Georgians unique way of using sheepskins to collect the heavy gold deposits from the high, mountain rivers.
Georgia has long been a kingdom and over the years its boundaries and capitals have changed as successive Kings and invaders held sway; from King David to Queen Tamar; from the Mongols, Persians and Ottomans to the Russians. Each has left their mark, yet somehow the true spirit and character of Georgia shines through.

Our Culture
There is a saying in Georgia that “the guest is the gift from God”. And you will be surprised by the warmth and genuineness of the hospitality you receive wherever you travel and stay in Georgia.

During traditional Supra, or feast, not only will you enjoy the amazing local food, but you will also be expected to sample much of the wine, which has been produced here for thousands of years. More than 500 varieties of grapes are grown in Georgia.

No trip to Georgia will be complete without the spectacular sound and vision of the world-renowned polyphonic singing and traditional dancing, described by UNESCO as “masterpiece of the world’s intangible cultural heritage”.

Georgia’s architectural inheritance is exceptionally rich. Not only are the churches and frescoes superb, so too are many of the other historical monuments.

Things to See and Do
With so many things to offer in such a small country, there are some of the highlights to make your perfect trip:

• Walk through Tbilisi’s Old Town and experience the stunning architecture and European café-style culture.
• Home-stay in Ushguli, or camp in one of our National Parks.
• Trek through the Caucasus mountains in summer.
• Sample the local wine under a hundred year old vineyard on a wine tour of Kakheti.
• Visit the walled city of Signaghi.
• White water raft down our glacier fed rivers.
• Discover the Monastery at the fabulous caved city of Vardzia.
• Go boating deep underground on our amazing underground cave rivers in Imereti.
• Ski Europe’s highest mountain range at one of our resorts at Gudauri , Bakuriani or Mestia. And for the true adventure try heli-skiing.
• Have a traditional sauna in the hot spring baths in the middle of Tbilisi.
• Make new friends at a supra – the traditional Georgian feast.

These are just some of the things that will make your time in Georgia some of the best moments of your life. Combine all this with a Mediterranean climate and the legendary Georgian hospitality and you have a unique travel destination. So come and explore it for yourself.

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Did You Know…?
• First Europeans: Remains of a 1.8 million year old hominid were discovered in Georgia. There are the oldest links to modern man found outside Africa.

• At the crossroads of Europe and Asia: A mix of these two continents and their diversity can be seen in the culture and architectural mélange throughout Georgia.

• Europe’s most diverse and unspoilt nature: Although only 69,700 square kilometres, Georgia’s biodiversity is immense: subtropical marshes, semi-deserts, lofty alpine meadows and mighty snowy peaks can all be found within a hundred kilometres of each other. There are more than 40 protected areas so much of it is untouched and unspoilt.

• Europe’s highest settlement: Village Ushguli in Svaneti (2300 m) is the highest settlement in Europe.

• Cradle of wine: Archaeological research provides evidence of viniculture in Georgia stretching back over 7000 years. The oldest grape seeds have been found proving that Georgia is the birthplace of wine.

• One of the oldest Christian countries: Georgia was one of the first countries in the world to officially adopt Christianity in AD 337.

• A unique alphabet: There are just 14 independent alphabets in the world and Georgian is one of them.

• Hot springs and spa towns: 103 spa resorts and over 2400 mineral springs mean that Georgia has been one of the centres of spa life for thousands of years. The location of today’s capital Tbilisi was chosen because of its natural hot sulphur baths, now found in the heart of the city.