November 8-10

Discover Sthlm Food & Wine and Bak & Choklad

Sthlm Food & Wine and Bak & Choklad can be succinctly and above all, deliciously described as a truly unique taste experience. An expo like no other, packed with delicacies of all kinds. Here's your chance to discover everything worth knowing (and tasting) in the realms of food, wine, pastries, champagne, chocolates, beer, spirits, street food, and chocolate. All in one place.

Wines from (almost) all over the world

Classics or novelties? Old World or New World? Here, you'll find wines from almost every corner of the world. Everything from Spain, Italy, the USA, Portugal, France, South Africa, and Australia to Poland, Serbia, Georgia, and Moldova.

The Bak- & Choklad area

Here, you are greeted by the scent of freshly baked buns and fresh chocolates. The bakeries replenish with freshly baked pastries and bread throughout the day. At the chocolate makers, you'll find treats in every flavor, and our chocolate exhibitors offer a wide selection of chocolates from various parts of the world.

Wine Tastings

With us, there are many different ways to taste and learn more about wine. Reserve a spot for a wine tasting in advance or join one of our drop-in tastings, run by Wine Hub and Vinsmart.

Street Food

Recharge your energy levels with exciting dishes from some of Sweden's best food trucks! Here, you can, among other things, sample food from Irvins BBQ, Fred's Food Truck, Mackverket, Glupsk, and HK's Lila.

Stockholm Beverage Craftsmanship

Did you know how much exciting beverages are locally produced in the Stockholm area? We have gathered a group of enthusiastic beverage craftsmen who are showcasing their wide range of products. Here, you can sample beer made from bread leftovers, Radler from Ekerö, locally produced gin, kombucha, and soda.


Charcuterie, cheeses, olive oils, spices, jams, honey, preserves from the sea and from the land, nuts, chips... The list of everything you can buy here can go on and on.


Try different beers and discover a new favorite! Explore the selection from small breweries with bold flavors. There's something for everyone here!

Other tastings

In addition to wine and beer tastings, you can also try everything from chocolate and rum to cheese and fine beverages on-site during the weekend!

Avenue de Champagne

An entire room filled with Champagne - what a dream! Here, you have the opportunity to taste your way to your favorite Champagne. After all, you do want to sample thoroughly before buying a full bottle, don't you? Additionally, special bottles will be opened during the weekend, giving you the chance to explore an exclusive selection!

Sparkling England

Bubbles from England - a newcomer in the wine market! Here, you can taste wines and other treats from England.

Inspiration Stage and Bookstore

On our stage, you'll get tips and inspiration from chefs and food experts! Some of them will also be baking delicious treats. Of course, there will be tastings, and you'll have the opportunity to purchase signed cookbooks in our bookstore.


Every day, you have the opportunity to witness top-notch Swedish championships! Follow the exciting competitions and their participants up close, and get insight into the jury's work of selecting the winners.

Shopping Wardrobe

Have you happened to shop more than you can carry? No worries, it happens easily with us. Leave your purchases in the shopping wardrobe - completely free of charge.

How does it work?

To taste wine and other alcoholic beverages, you purchase tasting coupons. These coupons then serve as payment at the exhibitors' stalls. A tasting may cost one or several coupons.