Our Plaza Solutions

 Book one of our plaza solutions - a ready-made package perfect for your fair participation. Grab your spot in the wine, beer, veggie or Christmas plaza during Sthlm Food & Wine 2019. 

The Wine Plaza

7,5 sqm

Included: painted walls, carpet, painted counter 2 lpm, 2 shelves, 3 spotlights, 1 electrical outlet 10A and cleaning one day.

Price: 24 500 sek

The Beer Plaza

6 sqm

Included: painted walls, side wall, carpet, 2 spotlights,1 electrical outlet 10A, cleaning two days and access to common storage.

Price: 17 500 sek

The Distillate Plaza

6 sqm

Included: red carpet, 3 spotlights, 1 electrical outlet 10A, cleaning one day and 1 m wall between the stands.

Price: 16 000 sek

The Veggie Plaza

6 sqm

Included: painted walls, carpet, 2 spotlights, 1 electrical outlet 10A and cleaning two days.

Price: 16 900 sek

Our stand solutions

During our many years of building stands, we have developed three basic designs that work for all types of events and customers. They are: Small Meeting, Big Meeting and Creative Meeting. All you have to do is choose which of the three solutions is best suited to your company.

Creative meeting

Creative Meeting is a stand solution when you want complete freedom to display your company’s individual expression. You get plenty of space to welcome your customers in the best way and virtually unlimited potential for your own solutions. Creative Meeting is based on a close customer dialogue with a needs analysis to identify optimum solutions and profiling design. We start out with standard materials but also construct customized designs, unique furniture and interior design details.

Big meetings

Do you want space for product exposure, the opportunity for relaxed customer conversations and perhaps a separate section for providing refreshments? Then this is the ideal solution for you. We create Big Meeting together by listening to your needs. We make suggestions for alternative solutions and you decide what will suit your company best. Some extras are only available for Big Meeting.

Small meeting

A perfect solution if you don’t require a lot of space to present your company.The basis is a complete stand. The second layer consists of the many extra options available. You can choose the furniture, floor colour, wall colour, larger storage and graphics you prefer.