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What if, instead of looking backward, we turned our gaze to the future? We are convinced that the best whisky has not yet been created. But we are working on it. We step into the 21st century. We develop, improve and experiment in our constant quest for new masterpieces of taste.

We hope you’ll join us as we agitate for a different way to make whisky.
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  • Blended

    It is available in store in Stockholm.

    A blended whisky with a balanced taste of malt, vanilla fudge, and caramelized sugar, with notes of exotic fruit, butterscotch, and orange blossoms. Generous, fruity flavour with a medium-long finish.

    We have blended malt whisky matured on casks of new American oak, chestnut casks and casks that previously held sherry and bourbon, with grain whisky matured on bourbon casks and casks of new American oak.

    The BBQ, the cottage, a couch, or in a drink. Link to the product »

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