PanProd S.A.

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PanProd family company was established in 1970 at Kalamata, a beautiful Mediterranean city in Southern Greece. The ideal position of Kalamata, creates the perfect environment for the cultivation of olive trees, making Kalamata’s extra virgin olive oil famous around the world for its premium quality and exceptional taste. European Union recognizes the unique advantages and characteristics of Kalamata’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil and with its’ directive (1065/97) is giving it the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).
Our facilities, certified and perfectly organized are provided with the most modern machinery to always achieve the best result, under the most appropriate conditions.
We are packing and exporting:
-premium quality KALAMATA PDO extra virgin olive oil, cold extracted, low acidity max. 0.3%.
-Low acidity organic extra virgin olive oil
-Kalamata olives
-Kalamata olive paste
- Vinegars
All our products are produced in the area of Kalamata PDO. They are awarded for their quality, taste and total presentation on the most important competitions in Greece and abroad. They are exported in Europe, Asia, USA and Middle East. They are all packed in certified bottles and boxes, appropriate to keep their characteristics safe and stable until their final destination, the consumer.
PanProd respects the environment and is using only recyclable materials for the creation of all the products.

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PanProd S.A.

Nea Isodos-Akovitika 24100  Kalamata Grekland